Lundie and Crowe | Inspirational African fragrances
Lundie and Crowe is an online boutique that creates African inspired fragrances, handwoven accessories and much more. Browse through our online store to find your perfect match!
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CREATE with our

inspirational collection

About us

Born out of a passion for travel and decor I started an import/wholesale business in 2001, then called Guru International. The Indonesian trend had just started trending so I popped over to Bali with my husband to select my first 20′ container. Many blissful trips to ‘my happy place’, and many more containers later the business grew and evolved into new destinations such as India and China and a new name, Lundie & Crowe.


After many years of exclusively importing from foreign countries our focus has now shifted from imports to local manufacturing and sourcing. My love for this beautiful, sometimes extreme land and glorious wildlife has prompted me to develop an African Home Fragrance range. The ARICA range along with our ever popular CLASSIC range has received a packaging upgrade, stylish, current and on trend.  The fragrances remain the same high quality, beautiful smelling and long lasting, +/- 6 month.


We have also added a super FUNKY range of ceramic oil burners with wooden legs, ceramic frangipani fragrance diffusers (THE BLUZ) and ceramic AFRICA pendants & fragrance oils.


The perfect gifts and accessory to uplift every home. All made locally in SA with much love…ENJOY!!!


Adele xxx

Lundie & Crowe